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Aynosens Brand

Aynosens brand

Taking care of our skin has become a daily struggle!

Climate change, hormones, stress, sun, food are some of the elements that we have to fight with to keep our skin healthy.

Our children are also subject to it!

We have decided to return to the essentials of nature to take care of them.

Aynosens offers simple care and hygiene rituals, Made in France, 100% of natural origin, organic and adapted to children from birth to 12 years old.

Formulas that are mostly waterless, thus retaining the benefits of vegetable oils and their protective properties.

Pleasures are simple, and taking care of our children from birth is essential.

Let’s preserve the natural innocence of our children.

Sonia, the founder of Aynosens

Sonia, the founder, was at first looking for the professional environment that will make her heart beat. She discovers the world of cosmetics that will become a passion over time. The beauty and complexity of the skin, the power to give back confidence to a person, to find solutions, to beautify each person with something they have had since birth : their skin.

Sonia, the founder of Aynosens

The values of Aynosens brand

Being a parent means making a commitment. Being responsible. Looking after their well-being, without guilt, with kindness and healthily. This is why Aynosens brand has decided to work with parents to provide them with a simple, comforting and gentle solution.

The values of Aynosens brand