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Sonia, the founder of Aynosens

At first, a passion…

Sonia, the founder, was at first looking for the professional environment that will make her heart beat. She discovers the world of cosmetics that will become a passion over time. The beauty and complexity of the skin, the power to give back confidence to a person, to find solutions, to beautify each person with something they have had since birth : their skin. She will discover all this by traveling around the world and supporting the development of make-up, perfume and skincare brands for 13 years.

And then Love, the real one!

A little boy, who will change everything without wanting to. From birth, this little one will have skin reactions to almost everything … Shower gel, body creams, laundry … She will therefore prefer home-made formulas, “grandmother’s” remedies, gentle and natural ingredients. It takes time, but it’s very important! She therefore decides in 2019 to put her professional career as an aside to create her own brand. After almost 2 years of thinking, negotiations, questioning, tests, laughter, disillusion, victories, working on formulas, Aynosens was born.

Sonia, the founder of Aynosens

Why Aynosens?

“This brand is above all a personal desire to be able to offer the best to parents and children. Aynos is none other than the anagram of my first name, Sonia. I put my passion, my desires, my experience as a mother and as a professional into it. Pairing my first name with innocence was obvious. I really want to bring to all children and parents a bubble of softness and comfort with my care. So I decided to create my own formulas for more security. Aynosens is a family brand, friendly and above all full of sweetness … Let’s preserve the natural innocence of our children. ” Sonia

Sonia, the founder of Aynosens