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The values ​​of Aynosens brand

What is the values of Aynosens brand ?

Aynosens, a committed brand.

Being a parent means making a commitment. Being responsible.
Looking after their well-being, without guilt, with kindness and healthily.

This is why Aynosens brand has decided to work with parents to provide them with a simple, comforting and gentle solution.

At any age of childhood, let us help our children to become adolescents and adults aware of their autonomy and their well-being!

We are certain that we can change our consumption habits, starting from the beginning : childhood!
Our products are healthy, simple, 100% of natural origin, organic and 100% recyclable.

Vegan Made In France Respect Environment

Values of Aynosens

Aynosens, a reassuring brand.

Cosmos OrganicCertified Bio Cosmos Organic, we guarantee the traceability of our raw materials and our eco-responsible approach.

This European label, implying the standards of 5 founding members of organic labels, allows the brand to be part of a strict formulation and production process.

Since animal testing is prohibited in France, we cannot claim this point, because it is simply obvious and inevitable.

Our formulas contain 100% ingredients of natural origin and up to 83% ingredients from organic farming.

Values of Aynosens

Aynosens, a healthy brand.

Aynosens has decided to go back to sources, to nature, to what we believe is right by using plant-based active ingredients.

Nature has shown us just how many benefits it has. We decided to follow it and use it, for us, for our well-being.

The short formulas allow you to quickly find out what they contain, in complete transparency.

Dermatological test 100% natural