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The expertise of Aynosens

Aynosens has surrounded itself with experts to study every detail of the brand and its products.

Our goal ?

Ensuring you the best!

The expertise of Aynosens: 100% transparent and accessible.

At Aynosens, we know that today it is possible to take care of the skin of our children by respecting basic principles. We are now making our own detergents, skin care products, creams, due to the fear of unwanted products! We were all struck by the composition of the diapers, highlighting the toxic substances they contain. Children’s skin is so fragile and sensitive that it is essential to know these specificities and the effects of the products we use.

  • 100% natural ingredients? Yes.
  • Healthy formulas, based on vegetable oils, without soap? Yes.
  • No irritants? Yes.
  • Products made in France? Yes.
  • Natural fragrances, without petrochemicals? Of course!

Aynosens has therefore tested all these formulas to highlight the effectiveness of the active ingredients, the sensitivity on the skin, the preservation, their irritating power … All the tests are available on the brand’s website. We are convinced that simple, healthy, 100% natural and organic rituals are essential to protect our children’s skin and soothe unwanted effects. An honest, responsible and ecological approach, made for you!


Back to natural, simple formulas for the respect of children's skin. Safe, verified, healthy and proven ingredients, we believe in the power of nature and simplicity.


The occupational therapists

Are you familiar with occupational therapy? We face it every day but few people really care. Knowing how to hold an object in your hand, use it, write, press, throw... It's all part of our motor skills : ergonomics.


Toxicologist Expert

We all wish the best for our children. Aynosens has decided to have all of these unique and 100% natural formulas tested to make sure they are safe. Our Toxicologist will explain everything to you.



Aynosens decided to use aluminum bottles because it is the only container that effectively protects the formulas from air, light and humidity.

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