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Aynosens and the occupational therapists

Are you familiar with occupational therapy? We face it every day but few people really care. Knowing how to hold an object in your hand, use it, write, press, throw… It’s all part of our motor skills : ergonomics.

We’ve all learned to hold a fork, grab our toys and then throw them on the floor … Learning.

Occupational therapy is involved in helping us to learn motor skills. Whoever you are, whatever your age, depending on your life path, your environment, everything can be different.

At Aynosens, we believe it is essential to provide products that are easy to use especially for parents and children. We therefore surrounded ourselves with experts in occupational therapy. But who are they?

Rémy Dupont,
freelance occupational therapist, has been practicing since 2013. His career in a clinic, then as an associate in an occupational therapy firm or even in packaging consulting for cosmetic brands, gives him a broad vision of his profession. Rémy Dupont now offers his services to teachers to support and train them, particularly in the field of dysgraphia (handwriting disorders.)

Louis Tiersonnier,
who graduated in 2016 is a freelance occupational therapist working specifically with children. His experience has enabled him to develop board games inspired by the issues encountered with his young patients. These games are currently being edited to be subsequently marketed.

The occupational therapists

Interview with our 2 occupational therapist experts