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Aynosens packagings

Why does Aynosens use aluminum bottles?

Aynosens decided to use aluminum bottles because it is the only container that effectively protects the formulas from air, light and humidity.

As our products are all based on vegetable oils, this is the best packaging to protect their preservation and effectiveness.
We were also keen to do something about global warming and therefore recycling.

The 100% recyclable bottles of Aynosens

In 2019, only 48% of aluminum waste was recycled while this material is 100% recyclable!
In France, for example, we only recycle 28% of the plastic used and because of the multitude of plastic resins that exist, 50% is not recyclable.

In recent years, aluminium has been recycled more and more. We are determined to change our habits by favouring 100% recyclable materials.

Our aluminum packaging must be thrown in the yellow bins!

Aynosens packaging

Aynosens packagings in complete safety

Aluminum is a perfect barrier against light, air and other gases, humidity, germs and bacteria. It is also corrosion resistant.
This means that the contents of an aluminum bottle are perfectly protected against any deterioration or contamination.

This protects all the resources that have been used for the production of the product and also provides the consumer with optimum safety and security.

The quality of the formulation in an aluminum bottle – functionality, smell, taste color and consistency – remains intact for a long time.

The packaged product is never in direct contact with the aluminium since we apply an interior varnish (without bisphenol A) to the entire inner wall of the bottle.
Aluminium salts, so much criticised in the cosmetics field, are not used in our formulas, nor are they used in the manufacture of our aluminium bottles.

Aynosens packaging bags

As a responsible brand, we have a duty to offer you quality packaging for our products in compliance with organic standards.

The GOTS certification of our packaging bags guarantees important values ​​of Aynosens brand.

This organic certification guarantees:

  • Environmental friendly production and transformation processes
  • Respect and improvement of working conditions
  • Promotion of organic fibers use
  • Prohibition of hazardous components such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.

All of our organic cotton packaging bags are GOTS certified.