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AYNOSENS, first and foremost a human experience …

02 Nov 2020

When you decide to create everything from A to Z, creating a certified organic cosmetics brand, is a project that is both exciting and terrifying.

Experience has taught me that it is essential to be surrounded by people to take on new challenges! Family, friends, entourage are a priceless source of motivation and creativity.

At each stage of life, it is important to feel that you can get support from others. To create Aynosens, I was lucky enough to be able to rely on a lot of people. They all contributed to the brand creation thanks to their criticism and encouragement.

My family and my friends were the first to believe in this huge project! Of all ages, from all backgrounds, they were there from the very beginning of the idea. They relentlessly relayed my first market research. They were the first to tell me not to worry when certain things were going wrong. They were the first to congratulate me when a door finally opened. They were patient when I talked about my project all day long, when I woke up at 3AM with a start because I had finally found the name of the brand, when my morale wasn’t at its best because I still had to wait for answers… They are part of the project!

My parents supported me from the start, assisted me, helped me… My son, Luca encouraged me to create “the brand made thanks to him”. My partner showed exemplary patience. He created the sentence coupled with the logo and supports me since the beginning of the project, to say the least. My friends, many of whom are great parents, gave their opinions at every stages,
Thank you.

But, The Aynosens family does not stop here …

Creating a brand is also creating a brand identity, an image, giving of yourself! I am lucky to have met a creative person with incredible empathy.

Gaétan is the “creative part” of Aynosens brand.
He believed in the project from our first meeting and I believed in him. He immediately understood Aynosens, he brought it to life graphically. All the brand’s design, from the logo to the set, including the visuals, the bottles… He’s the one! I cannot thank him enough for his diplomacy, his calm and his patience and above all for his creativity.

And then there is Delphine …
She’s our digital expert but also a sunrise! She is here every morning at 4am to give us fresh news and ideas. Delphine helped us to create our website, the content and our accounts on social media. Delphine pays attention to details, she is perfectionist but beyond that, she is also a beautiful soul who does not hesitate to bend over backwards for her partners. She has this incredible ability to make you change your mind without imposing anything. Thank you again, again and again.

Clémentine est notre pépite de la communication !
C’est la voix de nos réseaux sociaux, celle qui répondra à vos demandes, qui vous abreuvera de petits ❤️ . Clémentine, c’est avant tout notre rayon de soleil qui à une idée sur tout ! Et on la remercie pour cela !

Finally, there are Benoit and his team.
I introduced them to Aynosens project from the start. It was at this time just an idea. His agency managed to make this story possible by creating the brand’s website. We gave them cold sweats, laughter during our meetings, maybe headaches, but in the end, the Aynosens website represents real teamwork, an honest, committed and motivated team.

This is just the beginning of the adventure, I hope soon I can introduce you to other family members, with your trust.

Sonia – Founder of Aynosens