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Aynosens, from concept to creation

05 Nov 2020

Aynosens project started in 2019. Our will? Create a brand of certified organic cosmetics for babies, children and teenagers.

The idea of creating a 100% natural brand for children had become an obsession. After probing entourage, family and relatives, this idea was gradually becoming a reality. We had to find ideas for a brand name, a logo, a strategy and of course the formulas…

The brand has then created its own formulas, unique and completely linked to the original idea : healthy and comforting products, suitable for children and not only for babies! Above all, it was new formulas, we didn’t want to buy already existing formulas, we wanted to offer “something else”.

The fact that the products are all oil-based was a choice to obtain soft textures for the skin and most importantly because they are known ingredients, used for a very long time and proven to be effective. In addition, it has been widely proven that oils perfectly cleanse the epidermis without robbing it of its natural protective layer.

With the support of two occupational therapists, we discussed the concept of adapting products to children’s ergonomics. This real ambition has in fact become quite complex. Indeed, we were able to set up certain criteria such as the width of the bottles and pumps, optimal for little hands.

As regards the formulas, we worked on a portfolio containing the “essentials” for kids’ toilets. Body and hair cleansing oils were the first step. Our washing oils do not foam, they are soap-free. They will gently eliminate skin impurities and help you to maintain healthy hair. Our dry body, face and hair oils will bring you comfort and hydration. Dry skin, roughness, tightness… They’re perfect for the daily wash!

Today we are launching the Aynosens brand, certified Bio Cosmos Organic by ECOCERT, born from the desire to offer the best to our children! Our products are available on the brand’s website