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Baby, Child, Teenager: Protect your skin from the cold weather

12 Mar 2021

Winter is here and skin damage have set in: skin dryness around the nose, mouth and hands. The skin is reddened, itchy and can even burn. What can be done to repair skin damages caused by the cold to your baby, child or teenager? We will explain it to you in this article!

Protect Baby’s skin from the cold weather

Your little one’s skin looks completely dehydrated and reddened: this discomfort can seriously affect his mood. Chapping may even appear. Even if you protect baby, you wrap him in his chancellor or in a warm comforter before going out.

Baby’s skin still needs help, to protect itself from all forms of external aggression (cold, hot, wind…).

By helping hydration, baby will be able to fight against the cold.

In this way, we should avoid giving too hot baths in winter as this will increase drying out. After the bath, make sure to apply dry oil to nourish, moisturize and protect the skin. Our Softness Baby Dry Oil contains esterified Coconut oil which makes the skin supple and seals moisture into the skin.

And if baby is reluctant to drink water during the day, why don’t you offer him flavoured water? You can prepare a carafe in the evening by soaking fruits or even mint in it. The next day, just remove the fruits and you’ll be able to offer a tastier water than usual!

Protect your child’s or teenager’s skin from the cold weather

Temperatures have dropped down and your child is complaining of chapping or red patches on his face, hands or lips?

It is sometimes difficult to convince our older children (and even the little ones) to cover their arms, neck or hands properly during the cooler days. However, this first step is very important.

To protect them from the cold, the choice of clothing is essential: instead of just thinking of wearing an ultra-insulating jacket on the top of the usual clothes, it is preferable to wear many clothing layers. In fact, there will be a layer of insulating air between each garment! So, even if fine polo-neck jumpers are no longer trendy, wearing a tank top, an undershirt and a jumper is THE anti-cold solution!

Changes in temperature favour red patches (which may even lead to hives). Therefore, you should avoid putting the car heater to maximum before dropping off the children at school or high school!

From a very young age, we want to take care of our little ones. After the bath or before leaving in the morning, you can apply our dry oil. One application will dress the skin with a protective film: a real odorous and comforting comforter! Dry oils do not leave an oily film, so you can dress directly after use.

Finally, your little schoolboy will surely appreciate that you slip an oily balm into his bag to take care of his lips during the day.