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Bedtime ritual

12 Mar 2021

After the frenzy of the days, a moment of sweetness at home is very appreciated by the youngest ones. How can you help kids to find a moment of peace, to relax? What can you do to gently lead them to sleep? What kind of evening rituals should be put in place?

After school: snack & sharing

A day at the nursery or school can be exhausting for our children : constant noise, social interactions and everyday worries. Even if the idea is not to interrogate our little blond head as soon as he comes home, the after-school snack is a perfect moment of decompression: the schoolbag is put down, we catch our breath in front of a good snack and we can talk about what happened during the day.

This is the moment when, as parents, we determine how the rest of the day will go: calm, agitated or full of emotions. The house is a place of trust where our children can “get everything off their chest”!


Time to play and loneliness

With the door open or closed, the older children will appreciate being alone in their room for a little while to enjoy their toys and a moment of calm. While the little ones will certainly enjoy being in the arms of their parents for a well-deserved moment of cuddle.
Figurines, dolls, drawing, imitation games or puzzles: it doesn’t really matter what the activity is as long as they have fun!


Bath time with Aynosens

Immersing yourself in warm water soothes the entire nervous system, relaxes muscles and joints, and gently prepares you for a good night. Care should be taken to keep bath time as a cocooning moment : the problems are different according to the age.

Bath time for infants

We will make sure that newborns are not frightened in the water by choosing a small bathtub or by wrapping them in a nappy! By creating a safe environment, the bathing experience can gradually become his favorite time of the day. Always bathe them at the same time, use the same products (and thus the same smell). You can also play music during these precious moments.

Bathing time for the grown-ups

Parents of children over the age of 3 know it: the bath can turn the bathroom into a swimming pool! They want to move, jump, play in the water: the little ones get a good workout. By inviting them to look at the water, to pour or to act like if they were at the “spa” with us, it will encourage them to adopt more relaxed attitudes conducive to soothing.
Discover Aynosens skincare sets adapted to the 3 stages of childhood for a successful evening ritual.

Understand your body: hydration and massage

After the bath, the use of a dry oil will moisturize the skin. But also, as part of a self-massage, to reclaim your body. Involve the child in the massage, according to his age and abilities.

The “I relax” massage

Place a pump of dry oil in the palm of your hand and then touch the upper back. Slide your fingers to the middle of the back and then gently massage the top of the shoulders. Encourage your child to breathe calmly.

The “I’m Growing Up” massage

Your child may complain of leg pain as he grows up; this often happens. This massage is also very useful to improve blood circulation and thus create a feeling of deep relaxation.
It is best to massage the leg from the calf to the thigh and then in the opposite direction! You can also put your hand under each of your child’s feet and apply a little pressure: it warms up and stimulates the acupressure points under the feet!

The “Comfort digestion” massage

Using a dry oil pump, make clockwise movements on your child’s abdomen. Just before going to sleep, add a “warming kiss” to get a happy child!

Prepare for the next day & read

A good end-of-day tip? Prepare the next day for a very serene bedtime. It is possible to set up a table presenting the major events of the week or even just to explain every evening the programme for the next day.
The bedtime story is a classic and surely a must: a moment of sharing with your child with a heartwarming story.

And you, tell us what is your end-of-day ritual?