My set, «I’m the one doing» for teens
100% natural origin
10-12 years - Aynosens

For a simple and effective routine for teens, this set is composed of our Fresh summer teens cleansing oil and Patchouli teens dry oil. It will be their ally for independence! Discover our offer.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Reusable organic cotton pouch to carry a lot of things!
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Because this is the age when they do things on their own, like grown-ups, we suggest this skin and hair care kit especially adapted for children from 10 to 12 years old.

Composed of “Fresh summer” cleansing oil and “Patchouli” dry oil for teens, this daily ritual will be the basis of their safe independence in terms of hygiene and will prevent skin problems.

This box can be a gift or just a wish to easily discover our products at a reduced price!

Composition of the set “I’m the one doing” for teenager, 100% natural, by Aynosens

“Fresh summer” cleansing oil for teens – 300 ml:
This 100% natural origin body and hair cleansing oil is ideal for the sensitive skin of young teens. Based on organic sunflower oil, it moisturises the skin and it gently cares for the hair.

Patchouli Dry Oil for teens – 150 ml:
Patchouli dry oil is 100% natural origin. Combined with a finely dosed Patchouli essential oil, organic sunflower oil and its coconut oil derivative will hydrate, soothe and nourish the most sensitive skin.

Packaged in a pretty organic cotton pouch, it’s the perfect gift.

Treat yourself and give a smile with our products, this is the most important thing!


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