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Swaddle bath and real bath for baby

10 May 2021

You have imagined this scene for several months now and yet once baby arrives at home, the bath turns into worry. Perhaps you lack confidence and baby cries in the bath? Are you trying to bathe your baby safely and forgetting the most important thing, the enjoyment? In this article we will show you how to bathe your child from 0 to 1 year old in the best possible way!

How to bathe your baby : the basics

Your baby spent 9 months cocooned in his mother’s womb, in the foetal position, in contact with the amniotic fluid, and at human body temperature (37°).  He was fine and protected. This is why the bathing experience often reminds baby of the beginnings of his life.


In order to prevent your child from catching a cold, but also to minimise the risk of stress, we suggest that you adopt the following measures:

  • Try to keep the temperature in the bathroom between 21 and 25°C.
  • Avoid draughts of cold air.
  • Use a thermometer to check the bath temperature (it should be between 35 and 37°C). If the temperature is too cold, baby may catch a cold, while if it is too hot, baby’s skin may dry out.
  • Make sure that everything is ready for when baby gets out of the bath (changing table, towel, nappy, clothes).
  • Finally, and most importantly, you don’t give a bath under stress and in a hurry. If you don’t have time, you can bathe baby tomorrow! It has to be a real moment of sharing, in which your attention can be fully focused on your child. Is he furrowing his brow? Is he about to give you a beautiful smile?

Of course, we won’t insult you by reminding you that a baby should never be left alone, even for a few seconds.


Swaddle Bathing

Does your baby seem anxious about bath time? Why not try the swaddle bathing?

Highly suitable for preterm babies, various research studies have shown that bathing with a covering nappy reproduces the sensations experienced in the mother’s womb. The baby, folded in the foetal position, is positioned in a suitable nappy and then gently placed in the water. We maintain contact with him by holding one of his fingers. You can discover the lilititi soothing swaddle that makes swaddling simple even at bath time! This 100% French creation is patented and has received the OEKO-TEX certification, Product class I (for textiles intended for use by children). One of this swaddle’s advantages is : its ease of use!


By gradually creating a reassuring bond with the bath and his parents, baby will learn to appreciate the bath time. A ritual that gradually allows him to move towards the end of the day and a peaceful bedtime.

You can also anchor the memory of these enjoyable moments by playing soft music or nursery rhymes.


Real bath for baby

Maybe your baby is an adventurer who needs to wriggle? Why not consider having fun by filling the bath tub partway and let him lie down and splash? This is possible from the time your child is two months old.

No more bath bouncers or bath rings of any kind! Let’s go for a bath where we can have fun… in a pool of water, approximately up to your child’s ears.

Baby is left free to move around and you have both hands free to wash him or her with the help of a cleansing oil. The experience becomes even funnier when the little ones play for getting on their stomachs!


No matter what kind of bath you prefer giving to baby, don’t skip the “massage” and “moisturising” part using a dry oil dedicated to baby’s cleansing!